The Spandeck is a lightweight aluminium walkway bridge, work platform and staging system in one versatile unit. Thanks to its unique reversible design and double side hooks, Spandecks can be used individually as a walkway or side by side staging.

High strength aluminium alloy construction, ensures Spandeck is lightweight and remains maintenance free, whilst integral toeboards enable it to be used safely as a walkway. Guardrail posts and guardrails are fitted to provide a safe working environment.

Spandecks can be inverted and used in multiple combinations, to provide decks and work platforms of virtually unlimited dimensions. The unique hook design, allows the Spandeck to be positively connected for multi-width use and also provide a positive location between towers or traditional scaffold systems. Towers can be bridges with a Spandeck to provide large safe working areas.

Spandecks are ideal for residential renovations, as they are a quick to install – as opposed to steel scaffold, which can be time consuming and labour intensive.

Lengths available – 6 metres and 7.2 metres.