Electric Winches


The preferred electric winch used by Alloy Stages Pty Ltd, is the American Climber Model SR4, Self-reeving powered scaffold hoist. The operation of the winch involves the principles of safety, speed and simplicity.

The originality of the system rests with the execution and arrangement of the two pulley, or drum assembly, incorporating one pulley directly over the other.The two pulleys are grooved for 5/16″ wire rope or .200″, the exact depth of the grooves for the best possible traction. The initial entry of the wire rope, or first wrap, will make an “s” shaped path completely automatically. The second and final wrap, will complete the second “s” shape to form a double figure “8” initiating the most important principle of ELIMINATING ANY SLIPPAGE, BY INCREASING THE TENSION AND OVERALL LIFE OF THE WIRE ROPE. This is a problem prevailling in the other self-reeving winches available. No other design in the industry incorporates the same two “s” shaped paths in self-reeving applications


Unit weight: 63 kgs
Lifting capacity: 454 kgs
Single wire with Skylock Safety Grab (not shown above the winch).